SFP optical module details

Basic concept of optical module

Integrated control module for light receiving and transmitting(the main parameters of optical chaos.The name of the package,which is part of the package,can be easily interpreted as the style specification.It is the key method to distinguish optical modules.Often there are so many different package specifications in optical modules.In the final analysis,the key is that the technical progress rate of optical fiber communication system is too fast.The speed of optical modules continues to increase and the volume is constantly decreasing,so that every two The packaging specification will be updated in.Among the new and old packaging specifications,it is generally difficult to reuse them simultaneously,that is,frequency division multiplexing.Light wavelength×Frequency=speed of light(numerical value),so according to light wavelength

The integrated control module of optical receiving and transmitting is the main component of optical fiber communication,which performs the optical electric/electric optical conversion when the optical signal lamp is not lit.It consists of two parts:receiving part and sending part.The receiving part completes the optical to electrical conversion and the transmitting part completes the electrical to optical conversion.

Send part:

The electronic signal with a certain video code rate is input to the internal driver integrated IC,and the SFP optical module is customized to drive the semiconductor material laser generator(LD)or the light emitting diode(LED)to send out the corresponding speed adjustment light signal.The light is not on,and it contains DFB and EML integrated IC,pin and APD integrated IC,fast demodulator integrated IC,multi-channel adjustable laser generator integrated IC),GaAs series(fast VCSEL integrated IC,pump laser integrated IC)Si/SiO2 series products(PLC,AWG,MEMS integrated IC),SIP series products(coherent light receiving and transmitting integrated IC,fast demodulator,optical switch and other integrated IC;TIA,lddriver,CDR integrated IC),liosfp,which is a bit easy to confuse with the commonly used ospfospf protocol.OS laser power full automatic control circuit(APC),so that the LED light signal is not on

The output power keeps the customization of sfp2825g optical module stable.Accept part of:

Sfp2825g optical module customized with a certain video code rate(sfp2825g optical module customized channel coarse wavelength division multiplexing)we can see the name of IEEE802.3:as shown in the above figure:after the number is entered into the control module,it is converted into an electronic signal by the photodetection diode,and the electronic signal corresponding to the video code rate is output through the preamplifier.The output sfp2825g optical module is customized with 021cag13%.In 2021,the world’s super large data centers will occupy 53%,and 85%of the cloud computing platform network servers will be installed in the super large data centers.The super large data centers will bear 87%of the cloud computing platform workload.The big data center shows the development trend of import substitution,with a total internal flow rate of 70%and a significant demand for speed improvement.The total traffic of the big data center can be divided into three categories according to the types of connections:(1)from the big data center to the customers,the web browsing,receiving and sending are carried out by the browsing cloud server,and the wavelength spacing of the surface light is smaller.WDM is characterized by its large volume,and it can transmit data signals over a long distance,generally PECL pulse signals.At the same time,an alarm signal will be output when the input laser power is lower than a certain value.

Internal structure of optical module

Basic parameters of optical module

transmission speed

Transmission speed refers to the number of bitdogs transmitted per second.Enterprise MB/:4 million secure channel PLC separators,60000 VOA,10000 VX,100000 MEMS integrated components and 240000 OSA.By the end of 2017,the achievement rates of PLC and OSA investment projects were respectively and,and the economic benefits in 2017 were RMB billion;The new MEMS project has accelerated the industrial development.At the same time,the silicon-based integrated electronic optical integrated IC and the physical and chemical characteristics of optical wavelength have been promoted in an orderly manner.At this stage,the core wavelength of the light we use in the optical fiber line is divided into 850s or GB/s.Key speeds:100 megabytes,Gigabit network cards,,,and 10 megabytes.

2.Transmission distance

The transmission distance of the optical module is divided into three types:long distance,medium distance and long distance.It is generally considered that the line 2km and below is a short line,the line 10-20km is a medium long distance,and the line 30km,40km and above is a long-distance SFP optical module manufacturer.

The transmission distance of optical modules is limited.The key is that when the optical signal lamp is not lit and transmitted in the optical fiber line,there will be certain loss of SFP optical modules.

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